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As summer comes to an end and school starts in 37 hours ( but who’s counting) I hope my little assholes had an amazing summer. I hope when they are parents they tell their kids about our family camping trips, the shootin’ pool in the bar and shootin’ guns in the mountain (#’Murica), the campfires that we’re as tall as them, the lake, the rocks they climbed on. I hope we created memories with them that last a last time. I’m sure over the years the stories will change a little, get a little more exaggerated by the time they are parents.

I love watching them grow and learn the way in the world. I love teaching them and helping the gain new life skills. I love watching the world through their eyes.

I also love having a quiet house during the day. I really love NOT hearing “MOM! She tried to hit me!”. Some days I felt like locking the door from the outside and see who survived, you know… Hunger Games style. They are only 21 months apart. I figured they would be so close and be like twins and be best friends. Well maybe in a alternate universe but here they could not be more opposite. They can’t leave each other’s sides while at the same time annoying the shit out of each other.

Back to school… it’s a time where part of me is like “Good God…leave this this house NOW short people” and the other part wants to sob in a corner like “nope, I can’t accept my babies getting older!”.

My oldest is 17 1/2. She is my first born, my mini-me. She isn’t supposed to get older, because she has been my sidekick since birth…and because she is turning into me more and more every day. She will deny it but….She is me. And she actually said to me the other day “mom you only have 6 more months that you can tell me what to do”. Bahahahaha! I had to give her the grim facts…I will ALWAYS tell you what to do child.

My middle kid. She is entering Jr High (which is 6th-8th apparently-seems crazy to me). I’m terrified. So many changes with her maturing, growing…turning into a pre-teen. This is where the peer pressure starts I think. Luckily her older is sister threatened her life if she tries drugs or cigarettes. She got her eye brows threaded today. Mind you, I’m 41 and have never in my life had someone do my brows for me. But, that’s cool…the 12 year old can get it done.

The baby. The baby is 10 years old and entering 5th grade. MY BABY! She PROMISED me she would never grow up! I mean…she was also like 5 years old and also said she never wanted to move away…so….. Now that same kid is asking how old she has to be to enlist in the Army. SLOW YOUR ROLL KID!

FYI…Before anyone calls CPS because of the bar and guns…. the bar is also a restaurant and guns are legal. Ugh…until next summer….