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I had a few reasons i wanted to become a Private Investigator (that title still makes me smile). One, i wanted to help women. Two, i wanted to use my skills that i had learned by….well…years of practice with an ex, lets just say. But most importantly, i could not “waste” the pain i had gone through, i couldn’t accept that what i had gone though  was for nothing. I learned so much, about myself, about life, about my kids.

I had it down, where to look for girls phone numbers, where to look for hidden alcohol bottles, retracing steps to figure out bar to check…i was good. I figured out how to use those “people finder” websites to track down phone numbers of above mentioned women. Which by the way i only contacted one to let her know the dude she was with at the bar was married. Looking back that was such a waste of time and emotion. There was really no point, damage was done. I actually told her she could have him. She didn’t want him. I stayed. It continued and i realized contacting these women didn’t solve anything.

I ended up leaving eventually but that’s a whole other story.

I am now happily to married to a guy that is my knight in shining armour. We laugh at the same immature humor, he is my rock when i’m falling apart, my cheerleader with i come up with a ridiculous idea like “hey, i want to be a PI that specializes in helping women”, he accepts my weird obsession with needing to see Guns N’ Roses anytime they are close, he accepts my kids as they are.

I lived through shit and saw some friends going through similar situations. I wanted to help them, i wanted to help EVERY women that i could whether i knew them or not.  I wanted them to know they can live through this and one day find their unicorn and live happily ever after.

It became my passion. Then my purpose. Now….my profession. I feel i have a unique perspective on cheating spouses, getting dirt on the other parent for custody cases. I have lived through it, i know the emotion, the pain, the frustration, the feeling of hopelessness, the crying, and i know it all well. Its not something a book can teach you, its not something you can learn by watching others. Its a feeling in your gut that makes you want to fight like hell for the injustices of fucked up relationships and the court system.