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I don’t even know where to start lately. Politics, friendships, California laws…everything seems nutso. For one, it makes me sad that friends disagreeing on politics can end a friendship. Since when are people not allowed to have different points of view? This used to be something that would be talked about, debated, people could openly explain why they feel how they do. It was a discussion. Now a days if someone doesn’t agree with your point of view, they unfriend you and block you on social media! Because you have a different ¬†opinion? I mean, if your like ‘i love puppies’ and your friend is like ‘i love to set puppies on fire’, then sure…unfriend and block and probably make sure your doors are locked. But other than that, who fucking cares if your a Republican and the other person is a Democrat?!?! I like chocolate, are you going to not want to be friends with me if you like vanilla? Everyone can have their own opinion, isn’t that one thing that sets humans apart from animals? Free will and logical thinking? There seems to be a total lack of respect for each other, more than ever in this society and its sad.

Next rant…did you know that in California, a child has basic adult rights at the age of 12? That’s right, the fucking age of 12! If your kid is on drugs or drinking at 12 and you, as the parent, want to know what is in their system, THE 12 YEAR OLD HAS TO APPROVE YOU KNOWING? Yep, their rights outweigh yours. Want to get that kid into a facility to get help? Good luck, you cant make them. BUT, it gets better… If that child refuses to go to school or commits a crime, you are held responsible because you are the parent. ASS BACKWARDS. And of course spanking is not allowed, you cant possibly violate their feelings or space or whatever the current trendy lingo is. Go ahead, be offended.

I seem a bit angry today, and i’m ok with that. I’m human and i’m pissed and i don’t offer any apology.