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Here are my feelings…. I get that Child Protective Services is needed in society. I get that Child Protective Services have a very important role to play in keeping some families safe. I get that this is a needed service in some situations. But…the rant begins in 3…2…1…

FUCK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES THAT USE CPS AS A WAY TO MANIPULATE THE SYSTEM. Making false reports to try to take the kids away from a safe home is despicable and you deserve to go to hell. Using the system, and therefore, the children is disgusting and ILLEGAL. However, when someone makes a call to CPS it is considered real until proven otherwise. And i totally understand why they do this, if the kids need to be removed to be safe then absolutely take them and ask questions later.

There is also a major flaw in this. Sometimes the report is false and is just a tool by one parent to screw over the other parent, not caring that the children are put in the middle and are the true victims here.  Then what? The kid/kids with held from the “bad parent”, the kids are interviewed, CPS realizes it was all a lie and the kids are returned. The kids do not need this drama, the kids shouldn’t be put in this situation ESPECIALLY not several times because they have a shitty parent. Think about the view form where the kids sit in all this… They have a stranger (sometimes strangers) come into be interviewed. To be a child having a conversation with a Sheriff of Police Officer is intimidating! Or talking with the CPS case worker? A stranger they have never met is asking the personal questions? That i stressful and scary and confusing for a child to go through.

So what happens to the parent that keeps using the system to bully their way through custody court? One word…NOTHING. Maybe a slap on the wrist ” don’t do that again” form the judge. Maybe nothing is said. The system is so broken and i don’t know that there even is a way for it to be fixed. Its like the Welfare system (oh God…is Lisa going on another rant?). Anyone can choose to be “poor” and not work and have money and food given to them monthly.  BLEHHHH…I can’t even get started on this or my head will explode.

Back to my original rant.

Here is another problem that comes with these games…the kids learn…   ‘hmmm, i dont like that i was told to clean my room.                                                 ‘I dont like that i had to eat vegetables last night.’                                                       ‘I dont like how my brother/sister teases me’.                                                              ‘I will have CPS come and talk with my mom/dad so they will be nicer.’            THIS FUCKING HAPPENS. The kids learn to use and manipulate the system to get their way. Sure, nothing comes of these allegations of “abuse” because making your kid vegetables isn’t a fucking crime, but they got the attention they wanted. They my have even scared the parent into not making them eat their vegi’s the next night at dinner, or keep their room as clean.

See, its a whole mess and i don’t see it being fixed in the future, unfortunately.