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Being a Adult is stupid. That is all.

Life has a funny way of kicking us in the ass when we least expect it. It’s like your all “look at me all adulting and shit!”  Then before you know it your a 41 year old crying to your mommy. I go to my mom for parenting advice a lot. Maybe it just to vent to her. Maybe its because I just want someone to say “your doing a good job as a mom…sometimes kids just suck”.
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Crazy, crazy world

I don’t even know where to start lately. Politics, friendships, California laws…everything seems nutso. For one, it makes me sad that friends disagreeing on politics can end a friendship. Since when are people not allowed to have different points of view? This used to be something that would be talked about, debated, people could openly explain why they feel how they do. It was a discussion. Read more

Priorities are a bitch

We try to balance being a mom, a wife, and a friend. Some of us throw in working a full time job or building a business in their “spare” time. FYI, “spare time” is a bullshit phrase.

With a couple of kids in dance, and recently 4H, a kid in track and field, one that lives an hour a way but still needs me, and another one we try to keep track of for family dinners. Read more

Lessons in Boundaries

I am trying to teach my girls boundaries. Not in the ‘2 year old trying to show you their booger’ sense, but more of the ‘leave me alone before I cut you’ sense. Not only because I am totally out numbered by 3 girls, 2 step kids and a husband…and a needy dog as well, but because one day they will need this tool as a teenager and then adult. Every human, and probably most animals need their own space sometimes. Human mommies don’t get this space nearly enough. No…really… Read more

‘Til next year, summer

As summer comes to an end and school starts in 37 hours ( but who’s counting) I hope my little assholes had an amazing summer. I hope when they are parents they tell their kids about our family camping trips, the shootin’ pool in the bar and shootin’ guns in the mountain (#’Murica), the campfires that we’re as tall as them, the lake, the rocks they climbed on. I hope we created memories with them that last a last time. I’m sure over the years the stories will change a little, get a little more exaggerated by the time they are parents.

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Private Investigator Lisa

I had a few reasons i wanted to become a Private Investigator (that title still makes me smile). One, i wanted to help women. Two, i wanted to use my skills that i had learned by….well…years of practice with an ex, lets just say. But most importantly, i could not “waste” the pain i had gone through, i couldn’t accept that what i had gone though  was for nothing. I learned so much, about myself, about life, about my kids. Read more