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Out of the mouths of babes…

I love it when my kids are in the backseat of the car talking freely to each other as if i’m not even there. I have found that these are the most real emotions, real conversations they have.  They forget i am in the car and are in their own world. This has always been where the best conversations happen for some reason. There is something about car rides that open most kids up i think, maybe its the disconnect from electronic devices and TVs. Read more

I Shit You Not…

I follow a lot of people on Twitter that talk about Narcissists. Like, A LOT. I didn’t know what a narcissist was back then when i met him…or for the 8 year of hell. One day https://twitter.com/DanniBPeace talks about how they enjoy ruining birthday because NOTHING is aloud to be about you in that relationship. They cant allow a day that isn’t about them. They don’t you to feel special because if you feel special, you might get your head out of your ass and realize how toxic they really. And i mean that will all due respect and from personal experience. My head was so far up my ass i didn’t see what EVERYONE around me saw…the truth. Read more

Meditation… why the hell not?

I don’t do app reviews, i don’t know how or honestly care how to. But i do want to share this one because it saved me during a custody fight. My…well…psychiatrist at the time, referred me to his one. Let me just say i don’t normally have a psychiatrist, not that there is anything wrong with having one either. But during this particularly hard time in my life i needed someone to talk to. Someone to vent my worries to that helped me see the more logical side of things, rather than just running on pure emotions.  Lets face it, as moms we tend to run on emotion, i thinks its how we keep our energy up. Read more

When i knew it was time to go

I had gotten used to him not coming home at night about once a month, no seriously, i kept track of that shit on a calendar. I got used to checking our bank account online to see what strip club he was at, or which liquor store he was last at and how much money he had spent. I had already stopped driving around looking for him years before this however…but that’s a whole other blog entry. Read more

The Red Flags I Ignored

Yesterday  i answered a Twitter comment, asked  by @MissMaggie1974,  that said “Please share the first #redflag you noticed…but didn’t know it was a red flag at the time…” I didn’t have a solid answer, it was more of a blanket statement. Until about 2:30am that is…really brain, THAT’S when you come up with it? Cool…i don’t need sleep anyway. Read more

Here Goes Nothing…

I guess this is the part where I pour out my heart and sole. But in actuality I don’t Blog, I don’t Vlog (that’s a real thing right), I don’t Podcast. I don’t even understand my damn IPhone half the time. My idea of fixing my phone is handing it to my husband and saying “make it work!” while stomping my foot like a 2 year old. But I am reading (fine, LISTENING to) an amazing book called Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk. Again, it’s amazing and he is my Business idol. He says to Blog, to be real, to put yourself out there. Soooo….here I am. Read more