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I know the feelings and emotions of the uncertainty.

Been There…

I know the feelings and emotions of the uncertainty.  I know the sleepless nights, the scouring the internet in the middle of the night hoping for something…anything to give you hope or understanding.

I know the anger, the tears, the pain. My biggest piece of advice,  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I was in that very same place years ago and no one should have to do it alone. Let me help you and be your cheerleader.

Done That…

I’m a regular person, a mom, a wife, an ex-wife. But i also have the skills to well… find shit out. I don’t sugar coat, i will be real and i will be honest.

Its better to empower yourself with facts than to ignore what could be right on front of you. Its a scary step, and a hard reality to accept.

It may end in divorce. You may have kids involved. But again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have travled this path and can guide you along the way.
But, you never know until you get the answers you deserve.

I’m here

Yes, this is business. But not JUST business. I invite any calls or texts to vent, to cry, or updates to tell me things are better and your staying married! This is about building community and empowering women.
I have past clients that still check in with me and i LOVE it!
That’s why i have my Blog, so if you are up in the middle of the night wondering where your life is headed, you can read stories of someone else who walked in your shoes.

My Mission Statement

My promise is to you is this, I will help inform and empower you with facts. I understand the emotions and I will be your cheerleader no matter where this road takes you.



I make communication easy. You can call, text and email. I also have an app being developed for communicating and requesting services. Once hired, I will provide you with a disguised email address to use as well. Because I realize that communicating in writing may be an issue, we can also use FaceTime or Marco Polo.

If i don’t answer please don’t hang up, leave a message. You can even just leave your name and say “don’t call me back, i will call you at…” or “call me after 2pm” or “please text me”. I will NEVER call a phone number back without permission. EVER.



We realize payments can be tricky if a joint bank account is involved so we offer these options: